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Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Studies

These are principally desk studies aimed at identifying, developing and analyzing, both technically and economically, optional schemes which satisfy stated objectives. Typical services provided in connection with the above include:

  • Consult with Client to determine the Client’s requirements, priorities, limitations, time constrains, and other parameters concerning the project.
  • Collect, review and consolidate all relevant data including any previous reports.
  • Study to determine technically viable optional developments to meet study objectives.
  • From map studies determine suitable routes for overhead line and pipeline routes, sites for power stations and substations.
  • Firm up preliminary site and route selections by field investigations.
  • If necessary undertake preliminary soils investigations to very suitability of selected Sites.
  • Undertake studies to determine for example:
    • Transmission line voltage and single or double circuit
    • Generator unit size and total installed generating capacity
    • Transformer unit size and total installed transformer capacity
    • Integration with existing facilities
  • Review different types of generating plant to meet objectives.
  • Prepare conceptual layouts.
  • Establish data base for equipment and civil/structural costs.
  • Prepare cost estimates for identified optional technical developments.
  • Investigate access to sites.
  • Prepare technical and economic appraisal of optional developments and rank them.
  • Undertake sensitivity studies.
  • Identify preferred option and for this :
    • Prepare a schedule for implementation
    • Undertake a preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment
    • Identify the need, if any, for further site investigations
  • Prepare and submit report


KMO Building, Suite 901,
Jl. Kyai Maja No. 1,
Jakarta Selatan 12120

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