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Design Audit and Construction Supervision

The scope of work falls into distinct phases namely:

  • Design Audit, Manufacture and Delivery
  • Supervision of Construction
  • Common Services

The following describes typical activities undertaken by CONNUSA:

Design Audit, Manufacture and Delivery

  • Review and comment as necessary on overall programme for manufacture, factory testing, shipping, delivery to site, construction, commissioning tests and system tests.
  • Review overhead line and pipe line routing.
  • Review site preparation for power plants and substation sites.
  • Review results of soils investigations to be used in calculations for civil foundation and structural designs.
  • Design audit contractor’s calculations and designs for all equipment and civil works.
  • Review and approve all contractor’s drawings for plant, plant layouts, site layouts and all civil works.
  • Review the Contractor’s Quality Assurance and Quality Control documents for compliance with the contract documents as well as applicable Codes and Standards.
  • Witness and report on factory tests and inspections.
  • Review arrangements for delivery of equipment to site with particular emphasis on heavy loads and bridge crossings.
  • Review arrangement for storage of equipment at the different sites.

Supervision of Construction

  • Supervise all construction activities for plant and civil works.
  • Agree as necessary to changes to civil works in accordance with actual site conditions.
  • Witness Commissioning Tests and System Acceptance Tests.
  • Assist in final preparation of ‘as-installed’ drawings.
  • Review Site Health and Safety procedures.

Common Services

Typical services provided during both phases of Design Audit and Construction Supervision include:

  • Project Management
    • Contract administration
    • Assist Client with contractual matters
    • Monitoring of the implementation time schedule
    • Issue provisional Taking Over Certificates
    • Review Operations and Maintenance manuals
    • Preparation of reports
  • Transfer of Technology and Training on Design, Construction, Operation, Maintenance and Test of Equipment:
    • Design audit phase
    • Construction Supervision phase
    • Contract administration


KMO Building, Suite 901,
Jl. Kyai Maja No. 1,
Jakarta Selatan 12120

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