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Bid Documents

CONNUSA has a Procurement Department dedicated to all activities related to Procurement.
For major projects, where International Bidding is involved, the following typical activities are undertaken by the Procurement Department.

Pre Bid Stage

  • Preparation of Pre-qualification Documents inviting prospective bidders to submit evidence of their financial viability and technical experience relating to the subject project.
  • Evaluation of Pre-qualification submissions and recommendation of suitably qualified bidders.
  • Preparation of Bid Documents including:
    •   Technical specifications
    •   Commercial Conditions of Contract
    •   Bills of Quantities
    •   Itemized price schedules for FOB, delivery and construction
    •   Total price schedules
  • Conceptual drawings
  • Location map
  • Test schedules for manufacture and construction
  • Any special instructions to bidders
  • Time schedule for implementation
  • Allowed period for submission of Bids

Bid Evaluation Stage

Activities include:

  • Review and analysis of bids
  • If necessary, clarification of any unclear aspects of bids
  • Ranking of bidders from technical and financial standpoints
  • Report on recommendation for contract award
  • Assistance in preparation of Contract Documents


KMO Building, Suite 901,
Jl. Kyai Maja No. 1,
Jakarta Selatan 12120

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