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Off-shore Consultants

By virtue of its long experience, local knowledge and impressive track record, CONNUSA has become the preferred ‘Local Consultant’ for many Off-shore Consultants bidding for work in the electricity sector. In certain cases, and in order to enhance overall experience relevant to a particular project, two or more Off-shore Consultants will join together for the bidding process. Even with these arrangements CONNUSA remains the Local Consultant of choice.

The contractual arrangements between the Off-shore Consult and CONNUSA differ from contract to contract. The more usual arrangement is for CONNUSA to be ‘in association’ with the Off-shore Consultant whereby contractual responsibility lies solely with the Off-shore Consultant. In some cases, however, CONNUSA has entered into a joint venture with the Off-shore Consultant whereby each party has joint and several contractual responsibilities.

CONNUSA is prepared to discuss the arrangement between it and prospective Off-shore partners on a case by case basis.

CONNUSA has had the privilege of working on major projects with the following Consultants

  • Japan:
    • Nippon Koei
    • Newjec
    • Westjec
    • J Power
    • TEPSCO
    • Chebu Electric Power Company
    • Japan Oil Engineering
    • Osaka Gas Engineering
    • Pacific Consultants International
  • UK:
    • Merz and McLellan
    • PB Power
    • Maunsel
  • Germany:
    • Lahmeyer
    • Fichtner
    • PLE
  • New Zealand:
    • Worley
    • GENZL
    • Meritec
  • USA:
    • Macro
    • AECOM
    • The Kuljian Corporation
  • Taiwan:
    • Sinotech
  • Finland:
    • IVO
  • Netherlands:
    • KEMA


KMO Building, Suite 901,
Jl. Kyai Maja No. 1,
Jakarta Selatan 12120

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