The potential for hydro-electric generation in Indonesia is one of the largest in Asia and has been assessed at approximately 75 000 MW. Of this only some 6 500 MW has thus far been developed. PLN has itself identified some 95 potential sites and more have been identified by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. Clearly there are significant opportunities for Consulting Engineers to assist in developing these untapped resources.

For the “Second Fast-Track Ten Thousand Megawatts program” PLN has indicated that a total of some 1 200 MW of hydro-electric plant will be installed during this Program. The Upper Cisokan Pumped Storage Hydro-electric Plant, described below, accounts for most of this.

CONNUSA’s experience in Hydro-Electric Power plant is as follows:


For the past twenty years CONNUSA, in association with International Consultants, has completed Feasibility Studies, Detailed Engineering Design, Construction supervision and Commissioning for Power Plants totaling more than 7,420 MW, of which Hydro-Electric Power Plants account for approximately 2,245.3 MW with unit sizes ranging from 0.8 MW to 260 MW, located at 24 separate locations throughout Indonesia.

For the purpose of description only, CONNUSA uses the following classifications for Hydro-Electric Power Plants in Indonesia.

Classification of Hydro-electric Power Plants, MW

Micro Mini Small Medium Large
 Less than 0.1  0.2 to 2.0  2.1 to 3.0  31 to 50  Large than 50


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