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Indonesia has an abundance of fossil fuel, water and geothermal resources. For this reason there is a rich blend of generation facilities in the Country including macro, mini and major hydro-electric plants; coal and gas fired steam turbine plants; gas turbine plants and geothermal plants. At the end of 2010 the mix of plant was as follows:

Coal: 44.8%
Oil: 25.2%
Gas: 17.1%
Hydro: 7.9%
Geothermal: 4.9%

PLN’s ‘First 10 000 MW Fast Track Program (2006 to 2010) focused on Coal Fired Power Plants. The program included for 10 such plants on the Java-Bali system and a further 35 plants on the ‘Outer Islands’. Implementation of this program is well underway.

The ‘Second 10 000 MW Fast Track Program (2010 to 2015) focuses on renewable energy sources with a plant mix as follows:

Coal: 33% (approx. 3300 MW)
Combined Cycle Gas Plant: 16% (approx. 1600 MW)
Geothermal: 39% (approx. 3900 MW)
Hydro: 12% (approx. 1200 MW)

The majority of this plant is located on the ‘Outer Islands’. The delays associated with the ‘First 10 000 MW Fast Track Program’ have resulted in a delay in the implementation of the Second Program.

PLN has no immediate plans for additional oil fired generating plant. The two Fast Track Programs referred to above actually include for retirement of this type of plant. PLN predicts that the total capacity of oil fired plant on their system will reduce from some 31 % in 2005 to only 4 % in 2015.

CONNUSA has direct experience of working on all of the above types of plants. The scope of work undertaken includes:

  • Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Reports
  • Detailed Design Reports
  • Preparation of Bid Documents and other bid procedures
  • Construction Supervision and Design Audit of Contractors’ designs and drawings

The different generation projects have been sited throughout the Indonesian archipelago thus providing CONNUSA with experience relating to different climatic and topographical conditions, different access conditions and also with different cultural and working environments.


In the past twenty years CONNUSA, in association with International Consultants, has completed Feasibility studies, Detailed Engineering Design, Construction Supervision and Commissioning for more than 7,420 MW of Generation at some 40 different Power Plant sites located throughout Indonesia.

The following links illustrate CONNUSA’s experience for each type of generating plant:


KMO Building, Suite 901,
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