Address : KMO Building, Suite 901, Jl. Kyai Maja No. 1, Jakarta Selatan 12120
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CONNUSA is a Multinational consulting firm providing engineering consultancy services in Electricity, Oil & Gas, and public works sectors. Over the past 20 years CONNUSA has established itself as one of the most experienced, well known and reliable Indonesian based Consultancy companies. In the electricity sector its experience far exceeds that of any other private locally based independent consulting company. Its staff has a profound knowledge of Indonesian ‘Design and Construction Standards’ which has enabled the Company to expand from commercial and industrial developments into the fields of electricity, oil & gas, water resources, transportation and communications.


CONNUSA’s  principal office is located in Jakarta close to the Headquarters of PLN, a major client.

In addition to the Headquarter office, CONNUSA has Project Offices located throughout the Archipelago in order to maintain close liaison with clients and to maximize efficiency and expediency of contract implementation. Additional Project Offices will be established as necessary to meet specific project requirements.   


KMO Building, Suite 901,
Jl. Kyai Maja No. 1,
Jakarta Selatan 12120

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Telp : (021) 720-2770
Fax : (021) 720-7855
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